Education Centers

Western Hemisphere Education Center, Houston

A prime location for learning is the 65,500 square-foot Western Hemisphere Education Center in Houston. This campus is regularly used for training new employees and the continuing education of experienced employees. This facility trains more than 57,700 participants each year.  

In 2008, over 2,300 classes were held at the training center. In addition to classroom training, a warehouse and training rig offers students hands-on practice in operating equipment and tools. This is critical to developing their technical skills.

Eastern Hemisphere Education Center, Dubai

Completed in February 2008, our Dubai Campus is a $55 million (USD) investment to support our operations in the Eastern Hemisphere. The 3,635 square-meter campus is comprised of 16 educational rooms, six breakout rooms, canteen and prayer room, auditorium, and laboratory. This translates to capacity for simultaneous training of 450 students. Training rigs with test wells are being built onsite to enable trainees to practice running and operating equipment and tools. Staff and customer employees are trained at the Eastern Hemisphere Education Center. Approximately 300 classes have been held, and 3,500 people have been trained since the education center opened.