HSE Performance

At Baker Hughes, our goal is to make today, and every day, a Perfect HSE Day – that is, a day with no injuries, no accidents, and no harm to the environment – worldwide. The Perfect HSE Day initiative was developed and launched in 2013, and immediately captured the hearts and minds of employees around the world. In 2014, with the full engagement of our employees, we almost doubled the count with 92 Perfect HSE Days—essentially a perfect quarter.

2014 HSE Goal Performance

In 2014, Baker Hughes employees achieved significant improvements in safety performance, continuing our progress toward an interdependent HSE culture and making every day a Perfect HSE Day.

Through leadership and further efforts to engage employees in the Perfect HSE Day concept, we achieved a Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) of 0.45, which is the lowest incident rate in our company’s history. The 31% reduction compared to 2013 reflects that 175 fewer employees were seriously injured. This is particularly remarkable given the broad range of areas in which we work, often remote, and the increasing complexity of our operations.

We also achieved a 35% reduction in our Days Away From Work Case Rate (DAFWCR), with 56 fewer employees losing time from work due to a work related injury.

Despite our progress, we are deeply saddened to report three of our fellow employee’s lives were tragically lost in motor vehicle accidents. This reinforces the importance of commitment and adherence to Life Rules, especially concerning transportation safety.

Three Year Incident Rates

Road Transportation Safety Performance

Our transportation safety performance improved during 2014, with a 27% decrease in our recordable Motor Vehicle Accident Rate (MVAR). This amounts to 54 fewer motor vehicle accidents compared to the previous year. However, this improvement is tempered by a slight increase in our overall accident rate (all severity classifications). While the significant decrease in MVAR is encouraging, we still have many opportunities for improvement. Historically, the majority of our vehicle accidents were light severity and due to a combination of factors, with the most frequent being:

  • Excessive speed for road and weather conditions
  • Improper following distance
  • Poor driver awareness of surroundings

Three Year Motor Vehicle Accident Rates

For more information on Baker Hughes HSE goals and initiatives, and a detailed analysis of our health, safety and driving performance, please download our latest Annual HSE and Social Responsibility Report.

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