HSE&S Culture

Mature interdependent safety culture

When a company has a mature safety culture, employees are more likely to recognize and act upon hazardous work conditions posing a threat to themselves and to their coworkers. To advance our safety culture, we have increased focus on key programs to drive safer behaviors and encourage sharing of lessons learned.

Our HSE Leadership Academy continues to be a key program driving operational ownership to improve health, safety, and environment (HSE) performance. We have expanded the academy to include our front line supervisors and managers to more clearly identify HSE roles and responsibilities. 

We engage employees in HSE by recording their observations of safe and unsafe work practices. Our Safety Observation program encourages employees to closely examine their work activities, and adopt safer attitudes and behaviors. Our employees are becoming more passionate about protecting their own safety and looking out for their fellow workers, as evidenced by the rise in the number of behavioral observations. 

Baker Hughes takes pride in being a learning organization, as highlighted in our Core Values. This includes learning from our past HSE incidents and sharing those lessons internally and externally through alerts and advisories. This is further demonstrated by sharing the results from our Incident Review Boards.

Stop Work

The use of Stop Work by our employees is ingrained in our culture and reduces risk by enabling us to take proactive steps to prevent serious incidents. Stop Work events are strongly supported by our leadership, and often customers and our leadership recognize our employees for their courage in putting safety first. The number of Stop Work events by employees has increased steadily in recent years. More than 28,000 Stop Work actions were performed by employees during 2012, a 65% increase from the previous year. This demonstrates the vigilance of our employees to remain aware of the risks in their work environment, as well as a continuing maturity of our safety culture.

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