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Drilling Contractor: Horizontal Drilling Optimization, High Build Rates, Lead to ‘Mile-A-Day Record Wells in Marcellus Shale

For CONSOL Energy and Baker Hughes, two recent “mile-a-day” wells in the Marcellus Shale were the results of a team approach to horizontal drilling optimization. The wells not o...


Drilling Contractor: Electromagnetic Acoustic Sensors Enable Accurate Data Collection During Cement Jobs

In July 2015, Baker Hughes launched the Integrity eXplorer wireline cement evaluation service to provide more accurate data on the quality of cement jobs. The data enables opera...


JPT: Hope Is Not a Strategy … But Without Hope, There Is No Strategy

A great benefit of being the SPE president is the chance to interact with students and young professionals around the world. Many are anxious about the future, but not panicked....

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Offshore: Baker Hughes Progresses Production Enhancement Products

HOUSTON – Its coffers newly bolstered following the termination of its merger agreement with Halliburton, Baker Hughes operated business-as-usual, with multiple subject matter e...


Houston Chronicle: Innovation Agendas Too Shallow for Deep Water

Derek Mathieson Vice President and Chief Technology & Marketing Officer, Baker Hughes If we in the oil and gas industry want deep water to be a vibrant market in the future, we ...


JPT: Technology Applications, Removable Packer

Removable production packers can eliminate nonproductive time, costs, and risks during well-intervention operations, but can become permanently set when exposed to high pressure...

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Hart’s E&P: Automation Advances Drive New Efficiencies in Pressure Testing

Formation pressure data are a crucial guide in an operator’s decision to move a newly drilled well into production. Using pressure data obtained during logging runs, the operato...


World Oil: Extra-deep Azimuthal Resistivity Improves Navigation in a Complex Barents Sea Reservoir

Eni Norge operates Goliat field in the Barents Sea, offshore Norway, Fig. 1. The sand reservoirs are characterized by a large number of faults with relative high dip toward the ...


JPT: Improving People’s Lives, Sustainability and the Role of Petroleum Engineers

Some think oil and gas have little role in a sustainable future; global realities suggest otherwise. How is it that a finite energy resource and a source of greenhouse gas emiss...

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JPT: Technology Applications, OptiStriker Straddle-Packer System

Baker Hughes introduced its OptiStriker straddle-packer system, which enables aggressive, targeted restimulation of individual perforation clusters in existing wells to boost pr...

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