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JPT: Technology Application, Trouble-Zone Drilling Solution

Operators are looking to extend the profitable life of their fields, which often requires drilling through problematic environments, or trouble zones. To enable safe, efficient,...

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Offshore: Real-time, flow-off pressure data service improves drilling efficiency, safety

Drilling safely and efficiently from one section of an offshore well to the next depends on establishing accurate and clearly quantifiable pressure limits related to formation a...


World Oil: What’s New In Artificial Lift?

In recent years, ESPs have been the fastest-growing form of artificial lift, partially due to their ability to operate across a broad range of flowrates and depths. Slimline ESP...


Offshore: Precommissioning Flowline Project Meets Objectives Offshore Angola

Flooding, cleaning, and gauging 11 production flowlines and nine water injection flowlines at water depths of 1,050-1,410 m (3,445-4,626 ft) presented a wide range of challenges...


JPT: Presidents Column, Quality: Why Is It So Important Now?

Quality is a measurement of excellence that is often difficult to quantify. Providers of quality products and services command premium prices. Brand names we associate with qual...

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JPT: Technology Applications: Predictive-Analytics Software

Baker Hughes introduced its FieldPulse model-based, predictive analytics software, which enables operators to proactively optimize production across entire fields by giving them...

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Hart’s E&P: ESP Surveillance Mitigates Production Threats

While electric submersible pumping (ESP) systems provide economical, efficient and flexible recovery solutions, failure to properly manage early-stage shutdowns in unconventiona...


JPT: Online Digital Rock Portal Launches

Since the 1990s, X-ray computed tomography (CT) has become increasingly popular for its ability to yield big insights from tiny rock samples. But the volume of data produced fro...

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Hart’s E&P: Drillbit Records: Anniversaries Indicative Of Technological Advancement In Drillbits

The original Reed company started in 1916 in Houston when Clarence A. Reed developed a disc-type drilling bit. In 1916 the company leased a building, which once was a dance hall...


Hart’s E&P: Revitalizing Mature Assets: Profiting From Advisory Relationships

“The best place to find oil is where it has been found already” has never been truer than it is today. More than 70% of global oil and gas production comes from fields that are ...