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Energy’s Struggle with Rapidly Changing Roles, Responsibilities, and Reputation

Copyright 2014, Society of Petroleum Engineers. Reprinted from the Journal of Petroleum Technology with permission. Almost every aspect of modern society is supported or influen...

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Water treatment system enables flowback reuse

It has been more than a decade since the oil and gas industry cracked the code that launched the North American shale boom. Along the way, breakthrough technologies have helped ...

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Lowering friction takes CT to TD in extended-reach laterals

The past two decades have seen impressive advances in drilling and completion technologies, allowing E&P companies to extract oil and gas from deep, tight reservoirs that conven...

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JPT Technology Applications

Chris Carpenter, JPT Technology Editor Frac-Pack Solution In low-permeability reservoirs or formations with drilling-induced damage, highconductivity frac-packs can enhance prod...

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JPT Technology Update

The rapid growth of unconventional oil and gas production in the past decade is largely a result of advances in horizontal drilling techniques that allow longer laterals to reac...

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Liner drilling enables operators to reach new depths

Deepwater drilling into complex reservoirs located miles below the seafloor presents common challenges to drilling contractors. Drilling through weak or lost circulation zones m...

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Moving beyond the babble

For all the technological advances that have been made in drilling and completing wells offshore, wellbore integrity remains the single, most important aspect of well constructi...

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West Africa: The continued story of the "Haves" and the "Have-nots"

West Africa, from Morocco in the north to Namibia in the south, produces about 6% of the world’s oil (averaging 5.2MMbo/d in April 2014; EIA’s International Energy Statistics). ...

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Tipping the Scales Against Scale

Reprinted from September 2014 Oilfield Technology If only oil and gas wells produced problem free, then flow assurance strategies would become unnecessary.  The reality is that ...

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StageWatch Technology Applications

Chris Carpenter, JPT Technology Editor Fracture-Analysis Service Baker Hughes introduced its StageWatch fracture-analysis service to collect the sound reservoir data needed to g...

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