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JPT: Improving People’s Lives, Sustainability and the Role of Petroleum Engineers

Some think oil and gas have little role in a sustainable future; global realities suggest otherwise. How is it that a finite energy resource and a source of greenhouse gas emiss...

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JPT: Technology Applications, OptiStriker Straddle-Packer System

Baker Hughes introduced its OptiStriker straddle-packer system, which enables aggressive, targeted restimulation of individual perforation clusters in existing wells to boost pr...

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JPT: Changing How We Manage HSE: Getting to Zero

For the more than 7 billion people on our planet, every measure of quality of life, from gross domestic product per capita and infant mortality, to education levels and access t...

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Hart’s E&P: Steerable Drilling Liner Offers Alternative For Trouble Zones

In today’s low oil price environment, offshore operators, like their onshore counterparts, are looking to extend the profitable life of mature fields. Often, this requires drill...


Hart’s E&P: Boosting ESP Runtime Through Effective Scale Treatments

The operator of a large field in Argentina’s Neuquén Basin successfully deployed Baker Hughes’ electric submersible pumping (ESP) systems to boost production from more than 350 ...


World Oil: Innovative Thinkers

As a former athlete and boxer, Rustom Mody knows all about doing what it takes. He preaches the importance of discipline, dedication, hard work and having a passion for what you...


Drilling Contractor: Drilling Optimization Service Enables Faster Downhole Data Collection

Later this year, Baker Hughes will launch an enhanced drilling optimization service, which will incorporate the CoPilot 2.5 downhole drilling dynamics sub. This service is able ...


Offshore: New Coiled Tubing System Offers Real-time Monitoring Capability

As with all downhole operations, those conducted on coiled tubing become more efficient and provide more value as downhole uncertainties are reduced or eliminated. To this end, ...


Drilling Contractor: VisiTrak services may eliminate need for pilot wells in wellbore placement

As operators continue to target increasingly complex geological formations in deepwater reservoirs, accurate and efficient horizontal wellbore placement has become essential to ...


Hart’s E&P: System helps avoid production interruptions

Baker Hughes has released its CENesis PHASE multiphase encapsulated production system, which helps operators avoid production interruptions in unconventional wells. Designed to ...