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Baker Hughes’ SPECTRE frac plug leaves debris-free wellbore

Baker Hughes announced the commercial launch of its SPECTRE disintegrating frac plug at the 2015 SPE Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition in September. The plug is placed in...


Treatment programme overcomes high TAN problems

SANJAY DWIVEDY and RALPH NAVARRETE Baker Hughes With the increase in unconventional crude supplies, the processing of new crude blends has become a pathway to profitable operati...

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New LWD service provides real-time 360° view up to 100 ft from wellbore

Baker Hughes launched the VisiTrak Reservoir Navigation and Analysis LWD Service for optimized wellbore placement at the 2015 SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, hel...


Baker Hughes Technologies Deliver on Performance

Baker Hughes has developed technologies that address many of the challenges in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, enabling operators to increase profitibility while...

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Integrated Reservoir- Modeling Software

Copyright 2015, Society of Petroleum Engineers. Reprinted from the Journal of Petroleum Technology with permission. Baker Hughes announced the release of its JewelSuite 6 softwa...

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Managing Production to Weather the Storm

Copyright 2015, Society of Petroleum Engineers. Reprinted from the Journal of Petroleum Technology with permission. The recent plunge in oil prices has reinforced a number of tr...

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Extending Well Life

Sergey Kotov and Hans-Christian Freitag HOUSTON–Unconventional resources have made the United States the world’s largest oil and natural gas producer, hands down. But if develop...


On-command reamer allows for digital confirmation of multiple activations, blade status

Expandable reamers were developed to improve efficiencies and reduce risk when drilling through problematic formations in deepwater and other offshore wells. While mechanical an...


Baker Hughes targets Lower Tertiary trend with integrated completion/production system

Driven by operators’ focus on getting increased production from ultra-deepwater projects, Baker Hughes has engineered the Hammerhead completion and production system. The wellhe...


Production Technology Purpose-Built For Lower Tertiary

The Gulf of Mexico’s Lower Tertiary plays represent one of the largest prizes of any offshore development in the world. “We believe this is the next frontier for the Gulf of Mex...