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Presidential characterization

Innovative Thinkers - Melanie Cruthirds, News Editor The beginning of an exciting new professional chapter is already underway for Nathan Meehan. As the recently confirmed...

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Long-term Zonal Isolation in shale basins lead to improved service delivery

Copyright 2014, Well Servicing. Reprinted from the Well Servicing Magazine with permission Recent industry-changing events have brought to light the importance of long term...

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Increasing Lubricity of Downhole Fluids for Coiled-Tubing Operations

While increasing coiled-tubing (CT) diameter remains a theoretical option to improve reach, doing so creates logistical challenges. Although fluid-hammer tools and downhole...

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Liner hanger systems bump up pressure ratings, load capacities

Following the industry’s path to deeper operations and longer laterals, liner hanger systems are amping up in terms of higher load capacities and higher-pressure ratings....


Expandable liner gets deepwater well to TD past 3 sand zones

Deep and ultra-deepwater exploration activities continue to set records as new wells are drilled in deeper waters and in more complex reservoirs. At the same time, the...


Production Engineering

HOUSTON–In today’s oil field work environment, production engineers have limited desk time to accomplish their daily tasks. At the same time, they are being...


JPT Technology Applications: Solid Inhibitor

Copyright 2014, Society of Petroleum Engineers. Reprinted from the Journal of Petroleum Technology with permission. Baker Hughes introduced its SorbUltra solid inhibitors,...

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Collaboration delivers first Lower Tertiary smart completion system

Originally appeared in World Oil® MAY 2014 issue, pgs 43-48. Posted with permission. The Lower Tertiary play in the Gulf of Mexico (GOM) is a proving ground for E&P...

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Long-term, solid-scale inhibitor shows promise in deep water

Originally appeared in World Oil® APRIL 2014 issue, pgs 90-95. Posted with permission. A new, proppant-sized solid-scale inhibitor— with a substrate based on...

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JPT Technology Applications: Cut-and-Pull Spear

Copyright 2014, Society of Petroleum Engineers. Reprinted from the Journal of Petroleum Technology with permission. With many aging wells approaching the decommissioning stage,...

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