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MultiNode All-Electric Intelligent Well System

Solutions can be costly and complex Passive inflow control devices (ICDs) can help balance production along the lateral in horizontal wells. But, over time, fluid properties and...

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MultiNode Surface Control Unit

The MultiNode surface control unit (SCU) monitors and controls downhole components of the MultiNode all-electric intelligent well system. It provides both the electric power nec...

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MultiNode Active Flow Control Device

The MultiNode active flow control device (AFCD) functions as part of the MultiNode all-electric intelligent well system to reduce or increase flow paths in production and inject...

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UltraConnect 35K HPHT System Overview

The Baker Hughes UltraConnect™ 35K HPHT perforating system provides consistent, safe, and efficient perforations in wellbores with pressures as high as 35,000 psi (2413 bar) and...

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Field Communication Services

Field Communication Services keep you connected to field operations and meet your business connectivity needs by delivering secure, fault-tolerant services. Our Field Communicat...

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Harpoon Cut and Pull Spear

The Baker Hughes Harpoon™ cut and pull spear is a robust tool designed for cutting and pulling casing in operations associated with plug and abandonment, slot recoveries, and wh...

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SureFIELD Global System

The Baker Hughes SureFIELD™ Global remote data acquisition device and communication tool gathers and transmits real-time data from sensors and surface controllers at the wellsit...

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Electrospeed GCS 3 Indoor Variable Speed Drive

Since 1986, the Baker Hughes Electrospeed™ variable speed drive (VSD) has consistently set new performance standards. Innovations incorporated into the fifth-generation Electros...

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Sentio Smart Intervention Services

Baker Hughes Sentio™ smart intervention services provide the operator at the surface with real-time data from downhole sensors during pipe-conveyed wellbore intervention operati...

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Rhino Bifuel Pumps

Baker Hughes Rhino™ Bifuel pumps reduce air emissions, increase efficiency, and decrease diesel fuel consumption without sacrificing hydraulic horsepower. These hydraulic fractu...

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