Jewelsuite 3D geomechanics Software

The Baker Hughes JewelSuite™ 3D geomechanics software allows you to minimize risk and enhance reserves by simulating the complex geomechanical behavior of your reservoir. The full-field, 3D finite-element geomechanics software will improve your understanding of the entire reservoir, allowing you to make well-informed decisions to develop your assets.

At the heart of the JewelSuite 3D geomechanics platform is the ability to seamlessly link our JewelSuite reservoir modeling software with the industry’s leading finite-element mechanical simulator, Dassault Systèmes’ Abaqus™ software, which provides high-performance numerical simulations that can rapidly perform parametric studies to capture uncertainties in your model input parameters.

Integration of the JewelSuite and Abaqus software offers an end-to-end workflow that’s supported by a single model container, a new and customizable modeling platform, and functioning, lean connections with advanced and legacy systems. By combining Abaqus with JewelSuite software, you will benefit from a simple, straightforward setup that allows you to execute complex geomechanical simulations faster.

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JewelSuite 3D GeoMechanics

Build 3D geomechanical models from 3D structural models and 1D well models while addressing moderately complex geology without major stress distortions.

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