Case Histories


UltraConnect 35K HPHT System Case History

An operator in the Gulf of Mexico drilled a well with a measured depth (MD) in excess of 29,000 ft (8839 m), where downhole temperature and pressure were expected to reach up to...

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TORRENT MST Completion System Saved Up to USD 12 Million in IWS Ultra-Deepwater Well

An operator with a deepwater field development in the Lower Tertiary formation in the Gulf of Mexico chose to use the Baker Hughes TORRENT™ multi-zone single trip (MST) completi...

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Harpoon Cut and Pull Spear was Set Twice and Retrieved Casing in One Trip, Saved USD 650,000

An offshore well operator in the Norwegian Sea needed to remove the top section of casing to make way for a planned openhole sidetracking operation in a deviated well. The opera...

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SULFIX 9252 Hydrogen Sulfide Scavenger Solved H2S Problem for Rail Terminal

More than 70% of Bakken shale oil crude is transported by rail each year to key refining areas; keeping rail terminals in operation is essential. A Gulf Coast rail terminal oper...

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FASTrak LWD Service Delivers Wireline-Quality Measurements in Unstable Formation in The Netherlands

Dana Petroleum needed to acquire high-quality fluid measurements in an unstable formation where pressure testing and sampling using wireline was too risky. To meet this challeng...

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ProductionWave Solution Increased Oil Production 78% in Bakken Shale Well

Resource Drilling, LLC operated an electrical submersible pumping (ESP) system in a North Dakota Bakken well. This ESP worked well initially during post-frac and flowback operat...

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Modular VACS Assembly Collected Fine Suspension Sand and Enabled Retrieval of Eight Deep-Set Bridge Plugs

A customer in the northwest shelf of Australia had suspended eight subsea wells with 10¾-in. V0-rated bridge plugs and deployed 9 ft3 (254 L) of fine 20/40 frac sand abov...


ESP System Replaced Rod Lift and Increased Oil Production by 28%

An operator in China had a well operating with standard rod lift equipment. The well’s data suggested higher production potential. Apart from its limited production, the well’s ...

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ESP Systems in Gulf of Mexico Increased Production Nearly 300% over Gas Lift

Increases in the price of oil spurred one operator to begin renewed completion using artificial lift methods at a site in the Gulf of Mexico. Typical completions were primarily ...

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Integrated P&A Solution Streamlined Decommissioning in the North Sea

An operator in Norway needed to permanently plug and abandon (P&A) a large field development with five wells located at 984-ft (300-m) water depth. The scope and difficulty of t...

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