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Hydraulic Fracturing: An Environmentally Responsible Technology for Ensuring Our Energy Future

Since the late 1940s, hydraulic fracturing technology has been used in more than a million U.S. wells to safely unlock useful oil and gas reserves that would otherwise remain tr...

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Hydrogen Sulfide Management

Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is a naturally occurring gas contained in many of the world’s crude oils. It is also formed in the refining process by the degradation of sulfur-containin...

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Steerable Drilling Liner Systems

Operators are experiencing and overcoming new challenges that only a few years ago would have precluded them from completing the drilling process in many of today’s wells. Opera...

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Planning Ahead for Effective Canadian Crude Processing

Executive Brief Heavy conventional and bitumen-based crudes from Canada represent a significant volume increase in feedstocks for North American refineries, as production and tr...

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Deepwater Exploration and Production - Minimizing Risk, Increasing Recovery

Deepwater exploration, development and production present unique challenges to operators, and minimizing risk and maximizing recovery are among their top priorities. With averag...

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Profiting from Western Canada Opportunity Crudes

Higher volumes of heavy conventional and bitumen-based crudes are set to emerge from the Western Canada sedimentary basin (WCSB) underlying Alberta and Saskatchewan, as oil comp...

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