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For more than a century, we’ve engineered technology that creates more reservoir value. We’ve been there every step of the way from the beginning of the oil and gas industry.

We’re the reliable partner. You can count on us.

We’ll be there, regardless of the location or the challenge, with products and services that enable you to drill, evaluate, complete, and produce the energy that drives the global economy. Our reservoir technology experts also offer independent consulting services, geomechanics modeling, petroleum engineering, and reservoir simulation services to achieve superior results.

As one of the world’s oilfield service leaders, we work with you to lower costs, reduce HS&E and economic risk, improve productivity, and increase ultimate recovery. In more than 80 countries, our 39,000 employees get the job done quicker and safer. As your work becomes increasingly more demanding, we’ll be there.

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Integrated Operations


Integrated Operations

Discover how to improve project economics and HSE performance with Integrated Operations.


Reservoir Services

Baker Hughes Reservoir Development Services (RDS) offers impartial advice that effectively supports you throughout the E&P life cycle for maximized asset value.

Drilling & Evaluation



Our field-proven motors and rotary steerable systems, durable drill bits, and high-performance, environmentally compliant drilling fluids maximize production.



Our technology characterizes fractured carbonate, thin-bedded clastic, or shale-gas reservoirs so you can understand the downhole environment to maximize asset value.

Completions & Production



Our completions solutions maximize production and ROI with reduced life-cycle cost. We’ve built a comprehensive track record that meets or exceeds your planned objectives.



Our comprehensive production services comprise expertise and technology that overcome your individual challenges to ensure sustained recovery.


Pressure Pumping

Our pressure pumping services increases access to proven reserves, improving asset value and ROI. We’re the pressure pumping experts with the reliable resources and guidance.


Tubular Services

Unsurpassed reliability and the industry’s best value, including casing and tubing running, hammer services, and completion assembly services.


Subsea Production Alliance

The Subsea Production Alliance is an alliance between Aker Solutions and Baker Hughes designed to boost output, increase ultimate recovery, and reduce costs in subsea wells.

Industrial Services


Process and Pipeline Services

Increase your confidence in your system’s integrity and enhance operational efficiency with Baker Hughes Pipeline and Process Services


Downstream Chemicals

Our downstream chemical services and technology help you to increase your production, improve plant safety, and equipment reliability.


Specialty Chemicals

Our innovative chemical services and technology—with greater product reliability—help you increase production.

Education & Training


TotalDepth Education Services

Our TotalDepth™ education services offers training courses with the broad geographical footprint and technical understanding we bring to all of our products and services.


From shale-gas formations and other unconventional hydrocarbons to remote deepwater frontiers, geothermal energy, and carbon capture/storage, we’re delivering better solutions.

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