FracPoint Multistage Fracturing System

Accelerate ROI with fast, continuous fracturing

The Baker Hughes FracPoint™ multistage fracturing system accelerates ROI with quick, continuous hydraulic fracturing using ball-activated frac sleeves. This fracturing system—which eliminates rig up and rig down between stages— reduces overall pumping time while maximizing reservoir contact to increase drainage.

We isolate each stage with hydraulic-set openhole packers or reactive element packers. When the frac is complete for one stage, the ball for the next stage is dropped into the flow path without shutting down the pumping operation. This is superior fracturing efficiency.

After completing your hydraulic fracturing operation, the balls flow off seat when the well is put on production or the balls and ball seats can be milled out to achieve the full production diameter.

The FracPoint multizone fracturing system is field proven in a variety of applications, including unconventional reservoirs: shale gas, tight gas, and coalbed methane.

For more information about our FracPoint multistage fracturing system, please call us or send us an e-mail.


FracPoint Cemented MP Sleeve System

FracPoint cemented MP sleeves create multiple entry points per stage with a single ball, and mimic the cluster perforations of a plug-and-perf job in 50% less fracturing time.


FracPoint MP Sleeve with DirectConnect Ports

The FracPoint MP sleeve with DirectConnect ports improves frac efficiency with multiple fracture sleeves per stage and controlled fracture initiation points.

Unconventional Hydrocarbons

We offer reliable technology and operational excellence with the global experience you need for greater unconventional hydrocarbon success.

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