EXCELLPAK Multipath Gravel-Pack Screen

Overcome wellbore obstructions and simplify installation

Ensure complete and uniform gravel packs regardless of extended wellbore lengths or annular obstructions

The EXCELLPAK™ multipath gravel-pack screen features multiple interconnected flow paths to transport slurry over the entire length of the screen—regardless of wellbore obstructions—to maximize packing efficiency and ensure reliable sand control.

The screen’s multipath architecture features four kidney shaped transport tubes to increase flow area and provide redundant slurry channels. As slurry is pumped down through the  tubes, a specially designed communication system allows the streams to comingle and  redistribute at each coupling for added reliability. Proppant exits into the open annulus through multiple ports located along a packing tube that runs the length of each screen joint.

A proprietary cross-coupling connector system provides quick and efficient screen joint makeup, reducing rig time and crew exposure. No fasteners, special alignment tooling, or timed connections are required. And the EXCELLPAK screen’s larger base pipe size increases the total production area, enabling maximum reservoir drainage with minimal pressure loss. The larger size also eases access for well intervention, if needed.


  • Openhole gravel packing
  • Horizontal or highly deviated wellbores
  • Wellbores with annular barriers such as hole collapse, proppant bridging across thief zones, or clay swelling

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