Sentio Smart Intervention Services

Reduce intervention risk with real-time data in deep, deviated, and deepwater wells

Baker Hughes Sentio™ smart intervention services provide real-time data from downhole sensors during intervention operations, allowing you to make on-the-fly adjustments to optimize your operations. The Sentio service offers critical measurements such as weight, torque, bending moment, pressure, and vibrations. The data are displayed at the rig floor or they can be sent offsite for immediate review, either at your office or at a Baker Hughes BEACON™ collaboration center.

Sentio services are especially applicable in very deep wells, horizontal wells, or highly deviated wells where the surface gauges that operators traditionally rely on become inaccurate. The Sentio service solves this problem by placing gauges at the end of the toolstring, giving you a clear indicator of what is happening downhole.

Sentio smart intervention service combines wellbore intervention tools such as mills, fishing tools, or wellbore cleanup tools with logging-while-drilling technology. The full service includes the following.

  • Two Baker Hughes operators at surface
  • Telemetry system to send and receive data
  • Downhole sensor system
  • Wellbore intervention tools

The Sentio service provides a sense of touch that is impossible to obtain with surface gauges alone, and allows for surgical precision in carrying out the wellbore intervention job while reducing the risk of nonproductive time.


  • Section, packer, and junk milling
  • Whipstock exits
  • Packer- or well-barrier setting and retrieval
  • Fishing or object retrieval
  • Wellbore cleanup
  • Torque-and-drag data collection

Wellbore Intervention

Baker Hughes wellbore intervention products and services improve efficiency and restore production while minimizing NPT in offshore and land wells.

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