Industrial Water Treatment

Enhance profitability with effective water treatment

Industrial water treatment is key to effective operations at a refining or petrochemical complex. As water is a cost, plant profitability is influenced by sound water management practices. We increase your profitability by reducing operating cost through effective influent, cooling, boiler, and wastewater system treatment. All treatments are executed in a safe and environmentally compliant manner.       

Whether heating, cooling, stripping, or acting as a carrier, water helps your hydrocarbon-processing facility thrive. Water use is critical to cost control and system reliability. Baker Petrolite treatment programs reduce operating cost, optimize production, and maximize profit safely and efficiently.

Maximize performance with influent water treatment

Avoid production and profit loss with efficient influent water treatment at your facility. It doesn’t matter whether it entails filtration, raw water clarification, lime, or sodium zeolite softening, reverse osmosis, or demineralization challenges. We’ll develop and deploy site-specific treatment programs that meet or exceed operating cost and performance targets.

Lower cost with cooling water treatment

Maintain production and profit by maximizing heat exchange performance with effective cooling water treatment programs. Our turnkey approach for process saves time and money. We also have a fit-for-purpose biocide application that actually reduces corrosion rates over time. Through online monitoring and controlling scale, corrosion, and microbiological challenges, production objectives remain intact while lowering operating and equipment cost.

Improve boiler system performance

Maximize plant profitability by improving boiler system performance and reliability. On water-side and combustion-side, our boiler system treatment technology and expertise make achieving goals possible.

Increase wastewater treatment efficiency

Increase plant reliability by making your wastewater treatment facility more efficient and resilient to upsets. Together, we’ll use predictive studies and proactive treatment approaches focused on chemistry, equipment, and operations. We’ll maximize wastewater plant performance while maintaining environmental compliance.


Cooling Water Treatment

Maintain production and profit objectives by maximizing heat-exchange performance with our effective cooling water treatment programs.


Waste Water Treatment

Optimize your wastewater treatment plant’s efficiency and treat process effluent to derail potential upsets before they reach the plant.


Boiler Water Treatment

Whether it’s the water-side or combustion-side of your boiler systems, our approach keeps boiler equipment clean and operating efficiently.

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