Cooling Water Treatment

Maintain production, profit goals by optimizing cooling water treatment

Maintain production and profit objectives by maximizing heat-exchange performance with our effective cooling water treatment programs. Focused on a hydrocarbon processor’s unique needs, we’ve developed a turnkey approach to processing hydrocarbon leak detection and mitigation. This saves time and money. Our fit-for-purpose biocide application is so effective in destroying biofilms that it actually reduces corrosion rates over time.

Minimize cost and maximize performance

Cooling water systems that cool and condense various process streams in hydrocarbon-processing facilities must function at peak performance. This minimizes operating cost and maximizes plant performance and profitability. We offer specific solutions to this fundamental challenge.

Baker Hughes LeakGuard™ hydrocarbon leak detection and mitigation program quickly and cost-efficiently finds and fights cooling water hydrocarbon leaks. Biofilm growth is another costly challenge.

Baker Hughes BioKlenz™ biofilm control service delivers efficient, effective biofilm treatments without reacting with interfering hydrocarbons.

No matter the operating conditions and water chemistry, we keep operating cost to a minimum. We do this through online monitoring and control of your cooling water scale, corrosion, and microbiological challenges.

Baker Hughes DemandTrac™ PLUS program monitors active, available polymer fed to the system instead of only measuring the total polymer. Our innovations for remote service-report access make it easy for you to check how we’re doing anytime.  


LeakGuard Hydrocarbon Leak Detection, Mitigation

LeakGuard services offer a turn-key approach to finding and fighting hydrocarbon leaks faster than anything on the market.


DemandTrac PLUS Advanced Water Treatment Control

Translate data input into greater operating efficiency with minimized downtime under multiple combinations of corrosion, scaling, and microbiological demand.


BioKlenz Biofilm Control

BioKlenz biofilm control services help eliminate or minimize cooling water biofilm growth problems in an environmentally friendly manner for refineries and petrochemical plants.