Optimize asset value with reduced NPT

We’ll collaborate with your team to land the wellbore right in the sweet spot faster and safer with less NPT. Our field-proven motors and rotary steerable systems, durable drill bits, and high-performance, environmentally compliant drilling fluids are optimizing asset value and maximizing production around the world.

Collaborating with your team, we’ll identify the right approach with the right products and services, regardless of the drilling challenge. You can beat your days versus depth curve, saving time and money. Select the wrong approach, and a planned four-day program can stretch into weeks.

Our range of technology enables you to drill a superior-quality wellbore with maximum speed and efficiency. Call us today to lower total operating cost while accelerating production.


Drill Bits

We continuously search for new ways to help you drill deeper and faster. Our R&D commitment to your drill bit success includes a full-scale research rig and downhole simulator.


Drilling and Completion Fluids

We’re your full service drilling fluids partner. We can help you cut rig time, reduce cost, protect your reservoir and maintain complete environment compliance.