Kymera Hybrid Drill Bit Technology

Shorten the day curve with the hybrid drill bit

Kymera™ hybrid drill bit technology combines roller cones and PDC fixed cutters into a single, patented design to reduce drilling time in the most complex applications. With the rock-crushing strength and stability of roller cones and the cutting superiority and continuous shearing action of diamond bits, this technology survives highly interbedded formations with performance consistency and excellent toolface control. 

In US 12 1/4-in. applications, our hybrid drill bit technology is as consistent in the field as in our drilling lab. Operators are achieving drilling rate improvements of up to 62%; single bit run lengths are increasing by more than 200%, shaving days off standard rig times.

Around the world, we’ve used this drill bit in 6 countries on more than 100 runs, drilling more than 100,000 ft [30,480 m]. In Brazil, an operator drilled 90% faster and 20% farther than the offsets.

Compared with roller cone bits, you can increase ROP and lower WOB with less bit bounce. Compared with PDCs, there’s significantly improved durability in interbedded formations, less stick-slip, lower and more consistent drilling torque, and better stability and directional control.  

Operator reduces cost-per-foot 40%

In western Oklahoma, known for really tough interbedded formations, one of the most successful US Land operators asked us to reduce drilling days on its most expensive wells. These wells average 22,000 ft [6,706 m] TD and 180 days to 200 days to complete.

The highly interbedded interval—from 10,800 ft [3,292 m] to 16,500 ft [5,029 m]—typically takes 82 days to reach TD. Drilling the interval requires an average 8 to 10 roller cone bits with slow ROP of about 10 ft/hr [3 m/hr] and a mere 600 ft [183 m] to 800 ft [244 m] of depth. PDCs—burdened with higher overall torque and torque fluctuations—yield even lower footage of 150 ft [46 m] to 200 ft [61 m], on average, with increased potential for premature failure because of stick-slip.

The operator chose our hybrid drill bit to achieve ROP greater than that recorded with the offset roller cones and greater cutting efficiency than PDCs.

In this highly interbedded interval, our Kymera hybrid drill bit exceeded performance expectations. ROP and footage increased in a much more efficient drilling environment with smoother cutting action. The operator shaved 25 days off the average well performance or 40% less cost-per-foot. With the significant financial and days-on-well saving, the operator can increase the number of wells drilled annually in this tough play.

Kymera FSR Directional Hybrid Bit

The new Kymera™ FSR directional hybrid drill bit makes taking curves in challenging carbonates easier and more economical.

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