Tricone Roller Cone Drill Bits

Lower drilling cost using roller cone drill bit technology

Tricone™ roller cone drill bits maximize performance in a defined application. Our culture of continuous improvement—based on our R&D commitment to enhancing your drilling projects—achieves higher ROP with lower cost-per-foot.

We were the first company to introduce the two-cone drill bit, which was patented more than 100 years ago in 1909, launching the modern day oil and gas industry.

Twenty-four years later, we introduced the Tricone roller cone drill bit. This technology remains the industry standard with its numerous enhancements. Our product line also includes tungsten carbide insert (TCI) bits and steel tooth bits for the toughest drilling applications.

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Vanguard Premium Tricone Drill Bits

Baker Hughes Vanguard™ tricone roller cone drill bit platform lowers your cost-per-foot with improved bit reliability and decreased NPT in high-cost intervals.


MX Roller Cone Drill Bits

MX™ Tricone roller cone drill bits continue to be a versatile solution for high-speed, high-temperature rotary and motor drilling.


GX Roller Cone Drill Bits

GX™ Tricone roller cone drill bits with our reliable elastomer seal are the right choice for conventional applications.


Triton Roller Cone Drill Bits

Our Triton™ roller cone bit is the dependable, low-priced solution that ensures dependable performance and delivers a quality borehole.

Drilling Optimization Service

This service identifies causes of nonproductive or invisible lost time to help you improve operational performance safely, reliably, and efficiently.

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