MX Roller Cone Drill Bits

Reduce drilling days

MX™ roller cone drill bits continue to be a versatile, reliable solution for high-speed, high-temperature rotary and motor drilling in a variety of demanding applications.

Our patented SEM™ single-energizer metal seal remains the standard our competitors have yet to match. You can count on these MX bits for longer life and durability to decrease drilling time and lower cost-per-foot.

Longer bit life

Field-performance reliability analyses prove our MX roller cone drill bits and their metal seals have significantly greater bit life compared with standard elastomer-sealed bits in high-speed, high-temperature applications.

When mud packing or high temperatures could be a potential problem, this seal technology is the right choice.

High Pressure/High Temperature

We have the reliable HP/HT solutions and services to avoid nonproductive time during your drilling operations. Work with us to reduce economic risk.

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