Drilling and Completion Fluids

Improve drilling performance with innovative fluid technologies

We’re finding new ways to reduce your drilling time, cut your costs, and maintain your complete environmental compliance with our innovative drilling fluids technologies and services.

With a full suite of offerings in all product segments—drilling fluids, environmental services, and reservoir services—we’re the full service provider for all your drilling and production needs.

Maximize efficiency with innovative drilling fluids

We have always been (and remain) committed to providing the most effective, environmentally safe fluids available. Our drilling fluid systems are designed as part of an overall well plan, maximizing project efficiency and minimizing wellbore damage. With high performance water- and emulsion-based systems, we're able to offer you the appropriate and most effective fluid based on your particular drilling situation.

Extend reservoir life with effective drill-in, remediation, and completion fluids

We protect formations during drilling and completion, get more hydrocarbons out of the rock, and rescue seemingly hopelessly damaged wells from potential P&A—and in the most challenging environments.

The result: You realize the full potential of each well—and of your entire reservoir.

Maintain complete environmental compliance

Protecting the environment for future generations is paramount to the success of the oil and gas industry. We firmly believe that economic progress and industrial development should not compromise a prosperous ecosystem. This is why we have dedicated research and development to creating innovative cost-effective solutions to your environmental responsibility. Our products, equipment, and services are designed to mitigate or eliminate the environmental impact of your oil and gas exploration and production.

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Emulsion Drilling Fluids

Our novel and industry-leading oil-based muds deliver the kind of customizable performance to help you successfully deliver your well, regardless of environment and application.


Water-Based Fluids

Our high-performance, water-based drilling fluids overcome many of the technical challenges that could otherwise limit their application.


Specialty Drilling Fluid Products

Our specialty products reduce torque and drag, free stuck pipe, halt lost circulation, prevent differential sticking, promote wellbore stability, and ensure the correct mud weight.


Drill-In Fluids

Our reservoir drill-in fluids are specialized systems formulated to protect your pay zone during wellbore construction and maximize your hydrocarbon recovery.


Solids Control Equipment

Our line of solids control equipment (SCE) plays a key role in responding to the environmental and economic pressures faced by the drilling industry today.


Liquids Processing

Effectively processing liquid drilling waste reduces the quantity of spent fluids generated in drilling operations and their associated environmental risk.


Solids Processing

Inefficient cuttings processing can lead to poor fluid performance, increase your non-productive time, and cause increased environmental liability exposure for you.


Waste Management

Our waste management solutions reduce NPT and environmental risk by effectively processing your liquid and solid drilling waste.


Cuttings Conveyance

Eliminate transportation problems that could delay drilling or cause environmental problems with our full line of augers, vacuums and dense-phase blowers.


Completions Fluids

We offer a complete line of solids-free fluids designed to help you effectively complete your well and initiate an economically viable production flow.


From shale-gas formations and other unconventional hydrocarbons to remote deepwater frontiers, geothermal energy, and carbon capture/storage, we’re delivering better solutions.

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