Emulsion Drilling Fluids

Improve operational efficiency, get to market faster

Our family of novel and industry-leading oil-based muds deliver the kind of customizable performance to successfully deliver your well, regardless of environment and application. They'll get you to market faster while improving your operational efficiency.

Get extreme performance in extreme environments

We're in the forefront of developing synthetic-based compliant emulsion systems for drilling in your challenging downhole conditions—such as deepwater and HP/HT. And, we make sure these new muds will meet the industry’s stringent environmental requirements.

The development of our unique mud additives was driven by the extreme HP/HT environment associated with Deep Shelf drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and the deviated HP/HT wells drilled in the North Sea. Laboratory testing demonstrates our fluid's stability at temperatures in excess of 500°F [260 deg. C] and pressures exceeding 30,000 psi.

From our proven diesel/LTMO based CARBO-DRILL™/CARBO-SEA™ systems, to the synthetic SYN-TEQ/RHEO-LOGIC™ systems, to the extreme HPHT MAGMA-TEQ™ mud, we have the family of oil muds to tackle the growing diversity of your drilling applications.

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RHEO-LOGIC Synthetic-Based Mud

RHEO-LOGIC™ saves you time and money by minimizing pressure-induced losses.


CARBO-DRILL Oil-Based Drilling Fluid

Our CARBO-DRILL™ oil-based drilling fluids have proven their versatility for 20 years, creating long-term stable gage holes in the most challenging conditions.


MAGMA-TEQ Oil-Based Drilling Fluid

MAGMA-TEQ™ oil-based drilling fluid meets the requirements of deviated HP/HT wells up to 500 deg. F [260 deg. C] and pressure exceeding 30,000 psi [206.8 MPa].


NEXT-DRILL Drilling Fluid System

Rely on higher ROPs, lower torque and drag, and excellent wellbore stability with rock-strength integrity. Minimize lost circulation, ballooning/breathing, and NPT.


MPRESS Drilling Fluid System

The MPRESS™ fluid system improves well economics by reducing viscosity in the drillstring to save pump pressure while maximizing annular viscosity for better cuttings transport.