Eco-Centre Drilling Waste Management Services

Reduce your environmental footprint

Baker Hughes Eco-Centre™ drilling waste management services enables complete risk mitigation. We safely handle the industry’s solid and liquid waste streams. Our experts developed this approach so you can reduce your environmental footprint. We reuse and recycle most of the drilling waste we process.

Using the most efficient technology and processes to achieve the desired results, we ensure environmental security. The bottom line: these single-point services takes care of your drilling waste management concerns so you can focus on your operations.

Track drilling waste 24/7
With our Eco-Link™ online tracking system, you’ll know exactly where your drilling waste is located. Tracking can begin at the rig site all the way to final disposal. Our documentation meets all regulatory standards, offering you a consolidated audit trail of your operation’s drilling waste.

For more information about our Eco-Centre drilling waste management services, please call us or send us an e-mail.


Eco-Centre CR Centralized Recycling Service

Rigged up on a central location convenient to multiple drilling operations, this drilling waste treatment solution processes fluids and solids cost-effectively.


Eco-Centre Offshore Slops Treatment Service

We process large quantities of contaminated water or slops at the rigsite, reducing the environmental risk of transporting and treating drilling waste onshore.


Eco-Centre Peterhead Drilling Waste Management

This one-stop processing solution lets you track your drilling waste so you can meet or exceed all regulatory requirements. This is another sign of our commitment to your work.

Drilling and Completion Fluids

We’re your full service drilling fluids partner. We can help you cut rig time, reduce cost, protect your reservoir and maintain complete environment compliance.

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