Eco-Centre CR Centralized Recycling Service

Manage drilling waste efficiently with centralized recycling

The Baker Hughes Eco-Centre™ CR centralized recycling service is a single-point, drilling waste management solution that reduces your disposal costs and environmental footprint. Rigged up conveniently to multiple drilling operations and customized to your needs with a modular design, this treatment solution processes fluids and solids cost effectively.

The Eco-Centre CR service eliminates the cost of long-distance drilling waste transportation with its centralized location. Water from your operations can be recycled and reused, significantly reducing demand for fresh water.

In the Marcellus shale, an operator contacted us to reduce water consumption and waste disposal fees. Using the Eco-Centre CR centralized recycling service, we processed 3,000 B/D [477 m3/d] in addition to removing 200 B/D [32 m3/d] of solids. Over an 18 month time frame, we recycled nearly 1.5 million bbl [238,500 m3] of wastewater and removed 97,000 bbl [15,420 m3] of solids, effectively reducing disposal cost and the need for additional freshwater.

For more information about our Eco-Centre CR centralized recycling service, please call us or send us an e-mail.

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