Eco-Centre Peterhead Drilling Waste Management

Reduce your environmental footprint

Our purpose-built Eco-Centre™ drilling waste management service in Peterhead—on Scotland’s North Sea—treats the liquid and solid waste generated from your operations so you can reduce your overall environmental footprint. This one-stop processing solution lets you track your drilling waste, minimize risk, and meet or exceed all regulatory requirements.

Ensure greater environmental compliance
Solid and liquid drilling waste streams—including cuttings and drilling fluids—are handled safely and effectively in full conformity with all applicable laws. Because we reuse and recycle much of the waste streams after processing, we are reducing the facility’s overall carbon footprint.  

We’re also developing drilling waste management technology and processes to address tomorrow’s waste treatment challenges. This global center of excellence is the only dedicated R&D facility of this type in the UK.

For more information about our Eco-Centre Peterhead service, please call us or send us an e-mail.  


When you’re spending $350 per minute on a $500,000-per-day deepwater rig, you can be confident our global expertise enables you to work safer with minimized NPT.

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