X-treme Series Motors

Maximize ROP in challenging wells

Our Navi-Drill™ X-treme™ Series motors withstand the toughest drilling conditions, maximize ROP, and offer performance unattainable with conventional motors. This design produces unprecedented torque and power levels, reducing cost-per-foot in harsh environments. Easier steering and high WOB capacity with aggressive PDC bits maximize penetration.

The precontoured stator increases mechanical and hydraulic efficiency, enabling more than 1,000 hp at the bit. Manufacturing processes match drive train and steering performance, reducing failure.

Minimized stator elastomer content allows hotter hole deployment with greater chemicals tolerance in aggressive drilling fluids.

Built for performance

These motors are built into real-time drilling technology including our VertiTrak™ service, TruTrak™ service, and AutoTrak™ X-treme service.

For high-torque drilling in straight-hole, tangent, extended-reach or horizontal sections, medium-speed X-treme motors’ precontoured stator maximizes ROP.

X-treme™ LS low-speed motors’ larger chamber volumes with similar configurations yield high torque with lower bit speeds. They’re ideal for high WOB requirements.

X-treme™ RF motors address performance drilling in top-hole sections with PDC bits. High ROP occurs at reduced flow rates and rotary speeds that are typical on low-specification rigs.

X-treme™ HS high-speed motors have a precontoured stator in a ½-lobe configuration with speed to 1,185 RPM. With equivalent turbine bit speed, these motors offer higher torque and WOB. In abrasive formations, these motors with impregnated drill bits optimize ROP.

Drill efficiently

Our Navi-Drill™ Ultra X-treme™ motors have shorter power sections that drill a complete well profile. This includes shorter radius profiles that enhance lateral reservoir exposure.

A shorter power section increases efficiency and drills higher dogleg severity in shorter radius profiles. It drills ahead after passing through curves too tight for conventional power sections. Evaluation sensors are closer to the bit for precise reservoir navigation and wellbore placement in demanding applications.

Intermediate radius motors’ high-strength material offers flexibility while drilling curves up to 70 deg./100 ft. They accommodate severe conditions in intermediate radius drilling.

Rotary Steerable Systems

Our rotary steerable and automated systems have precise steering controls for exact wellbore placement to maximize production.

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