FASTrak LWD Fluid Analysis Sampling and Testing Service

Acquire accurate, real-time reservoir fluid properties to optimize production and reduce uncertainty

The Baker Hughes FASTrak™ logging while drilling (LWD) fluid analysis sampling and testing service delivers accurate, real-time formation pressure tests; real-time in-situ measurements of reservoir fluid properties; and downhole capture and retrieval of formation fluid samples for faster, on-site decision making.

The FASTrak LWD service includes sensors that continuously monitor refractive index and measure density, viscosity, and sound speed, as well as fluid typing and cleanup monitoring—all in real time. Up to 16 single-phase samples are collected in a single run, with minimal mud-filtrate contamination. Used with our SmartPad™ closed-loop sealing system and the SmarTest™ intelligent testing system, the FASTrak service is cost-effective even in the most challenging environments. Accurate formation and pressure testing is possible in all types of deviated and horizontal wells, including extended-reach and deepwater wells.

Because the depth of mud filtrate invasion in a newly drilled formation is reduced during a LWD application, the FASTrak service can obtain fluid samples in less than half the time of conventional sampling methods. Collecting multiple samples in a single run minimizes stationary time, reducing the risk of getting stuck in hole. Quick estimation of reservoir reserves helps predict reservoir recovery performance and economics.

By enhancing reservoir knowledge, the Baker Hughes FASTrak service informs well placement, increases drilling efficiency and improves wellsite safety.


  • Deviated and horizontal wells
  • Extended-reach and deepwater wells
  • Formation evaluation
  • Well placement
  • Real-time in-situ measurement of reservoir properties

The FASTrak service has garnered a number of industry awards since its introduction into the marketplace:

  • 2012 World Oil Awards Best Deepwater Technology
  • 2013 Offshore Technology Conference Spotlight on New Technology
  • 2013 ASME International Petroleum Technology Institute Finalist
  • 2013 Louisiana Gulf Coast Oil Exposition (LAGCOE) Spotlight on New Technology

Fluid Characterization and Testing

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