E-MTrak Electromagnetic Telemetry

Reduce or eliminate survey time

Our E-MTrak™ MWD service delivers directional surveys even while making a connection. This approach reduces or even eliminates survey time after a connection compared with MWD services using mud-pulse telemetry. You save approximately 3 to 5 minutes per survey. Depending on the survey density, you save 5 to 9 hr on a 10,000-ft [3,048-m] well.

Acquire MWD data in any drilling fluid

The E-MTrak™ MWD service uses electromagnetic telemetry to transmit MWD data through the formation to the surface. You can use the system in what has been traditionally challenging environments, including conventional drilling mud with lost circulation material, foam, and air.

A customer wanted to drill the underbalanced vertical section of a J-type well in Pennsylvania using air mist as drilling fluid. The service delivered the necessary directional information, and we successfully drilled the section from 3,505 [1,068 m] ft to 5,300 ft [1,615 m].

Improve MWD system reliability

The service does not have a mud pulser that can plug or fail because of mechanical wear. The risk of MWD transmitter failure is reduced. This decreases non-productive time where pulser plugging is a challenge.

Ultra Series Motors

Navi-Drill™ Ultra™ Series motors’ rugged, modular, and configurable power sections deliver superior performance and high-quality holes.

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