Advanced Cuttings Evaluation Service

Use wellsite geochemical analysis to acquire a full understanding of the reservoir

In harsh environments, the continual recovery of cuttings from the wellbore ensures that reliable formation evaluation data are always available. The Baker Hughes Advanced Cuttings Evaluation (ACE) service recovers these cuttings and provides enhanced formation evaluation in any environment using the latest analytical technologies to provide real-time elemental, mineralogical, organic, and petrophysical analyses of cuttings. These analytical services may be used singly or together to provide a full understanding of the reservoir, and include:

  • The RoqSCAN™ wellsite mineralogical analysis, which delivers an automatic quantitative and diagnostic analysis of mineralogy, texture, and porosity
  • The high-resolution digital microscope, which helps visualize and create images of formation lithologies
  • The x-ray fluorescence service, which identifies the elemental composition of a well within minutes
  • The x-ray diffraction analysis, which identifies the minerals present in a sample
  • The pyrolysis analysis, which provides real-time identification of productive and nonproductive zones.

The ACE service will help you improve your understanding of your well’s depositional environment and hydrocarbon maturity so you can make more accurate reserves calculations while avoiding unproductive completion stages.


  • Unconventional wells
  • High-pressure/high-temperature zones
  • Extended-reach and horizontal wells
  • Slimhole drilling

Unconventional Hydrocarbons

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