Advanced Gas Analysis

Enable near real-time reservoir characterization using gas ratio geochemistry data

The analysis of gas extracted from the returning drilling fluid has been a Baker Hughes Xtract™ services function for many years. Our HC-Vision™ reservoir characterization service significantly improves on that capability by using hydrocarbon gas input to produce comprehensive visual well logs for reservoir evaluation and interpretation.

Visual logs enhance traditional gas ratio plots by enabling wellsite geologists to instantly interpret important fundamental properties of the reservoir, such as fluid type, productive vs. nonproductive zones, fluid contacts (gas/water, oil/gas, oil/water), and reservoir connectivity.

This near real-time service provides operators with a better understanding of the reservoir by gathering and analyzing information invaluable in identifying fluid sampling points, enhancing wellpath optimization, and identifying zones of higher interest.

Real-time or legacy gas data previously collected by other service providers can be incorporated and analyzed by the HC-Vision service. This is particularly important where surface gas data may be the only formation evaluation information collected, as is the case for many unconventional plays.

The HC-Vision service delivers information on reservoir fluid character, composition, and fluid type, as well as the evolution of those fluids, reservoir connectivity, reservoir fluid contacts, and locations of hydrocarbon sweet spots.


  • All drilling environments
  • Wells where minimal downhole datasets are collected
  • Unconventional reservoirs

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