Increase efficiency using accurate formation evaluation services

As the world’s oil fields mature, even better answers are required to find and extract hydrocarbons more efficiently and economically. This new situation demands instruments that can look with greater accuracy at greater formation depth to resolve increasingly complex structures.

Our technology characterizes fractured carbonate, thin-bedded clastic, or shale-gas reservoirs so you can understand the downhole environment. Whether a part of a LWD service, an integrated mud-logging service, or a wireline logging suite, we evaluate the reservoir’s geological, geophysical, and petrophysical properties.

Our formation evaluation services will determine the characteristics to minimize wellbore development risk while maximizing asset value.


Openhole Wireline Services

Our technology, analysis techniques, and geoscience capabilities enable you to enhance reservoir value.


Cased-Hole Wireline Services

Our cased-hole wireline services offer fit-for-purpose technology that solves your operational and evaluation needs.


Borehole Seismic Services

Our borehole seismic services offer application design, data processing, and interpretation for detailed reservoir description that improves production and field development.


Coring Services

We bring quality core to the surface efficiently.


Geoscience Services

Our experts provide accurate subsurface interpretation to increase your understanding of reserves potential and accessibility, optimize well placement, improve completion designs, and keep production flowing.


Wireline Conveyance

Ensure a safer, more efficient approach for the deployment of downhole instruments. Our total system approach overcomes your application-specific challenges.


Surface Logging Services

Baker Hughes Surface Logging Services acquire and analyze data to increase safety and enhance production by proactively avoiding drilling problems.