UltraShok High-Pressure/High-Temperature Backoff Tool

Ensure reliable pipe recovery in ultra-HP/HT environments

The Baker Hughes UltraShok™ high-pressure/hightemperature (HP/HT) backoff tool provides consistent, safe, and efficient pipe recovery in wellbores with pressures as high as 30,000 psi (206.8 MPa) and temperatures up to 470°F (243°C).

Pipe can become stuck during drilling and workover operations, even when preventive measures have been taken. When an unexpected problem occurs, special tools and expertise are required to avoid expensive, time-consuming, trial-and-error fishing operations. As operators drill increasingly deeper wells, the need for tools to reliably free stuck pipe in demanding HP/HT conditions becomes more pronounced. Trip times, nonproductive time (NPT), and high rig costs pose increasing challenges for the industry to choose pipe recovery products and services wisely. Baker Hughes designed the UltraShok tool to withstand some of the world’s deepest and hottest wells and to provide effective pipe recovery.

Unlike traditional string shot assemblies, the UltraShok tool is a contained system that ensures explosives are not exposed to any borehole conditions or fluids. Protected by housing that withstands up to 30,000 psi (206.8 MPa), explosives properly function at a high pressure and generate multiple times more pressure output than the conventional string shot, insuring it will overcome the high borehole pressure it will be used in, and the housing breaks down without causing damage to the pipe body. The protective housing also prevents friction from damaging the detonating cord, which addresses one of the main causes of traditional string shot failures.

Safety is assured through a three-stage firing circuit to arm and detonate the backoff, as well as a direct communication system with the rig floor. Because the UltraShok tool is capable of performing in the most demanding environments, it is able to release stuck drill pipe, free tubulars, and remove junk in a safe and reliable manner.

Engineered with field-proven reliability recognized by operators around the world, the UltraShok tool is the latest offering from Baker Hughes leading line of HP/HT products and services.


  • Ultra-HP/HT environments
  • Deepwater operations

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