Conventional Coring

Get a better core with reduced risk

Conventional coring is acquisition and recovery to surface of a continuous column of reservoir formation material. We use special drillstrings with inner and outer barrels. We manufacture our core bits and focus on coring performance, risk mitigation, and core quality.

HT Series conventional coring systems

HT Series barrels address all formations and coring applications, especially high-angle and extended-reach wells. Built in 30-ft lengths, the series’ stabilized sections connect for coring runs over 600 ft. Steel, aluminum, or fiberglass inner barrels containerize core and mitigate risk.

HydroLift unconsolidated coring system

HydroLift system addresses unconsolidated or friable formations. A full-closure mechanism ensures core recovery. The system also suits fractured formations with jam potential. A slick-entry feature prevents fractured core jamming.

CoreGard low-invasion coring

CoreGard low-invasion coring protects against dynamic filtrate invasion. Special pilot shoes protect the core column. Face-discharge core bits force 60-85% of fluid flow through ports. Coring fluids with particulates inhibit filtrate invasion.

JamBuster anti-jamming system

The JamBuster anti-jamming system enables coring after jamming. Telescoping sleeves allow several jams during a run before tripping out. The tool suits formations where jamming is anticipated or acts as backup. The system increases core amount cut within financial constraints.

Gel Coring system

Noninvasive, nonreactive core gels protect from filtrate invasion or prevent inner barrel jams. The gel fills inner barrel before running. A special piston holds gel during tripping. The core activates the piston, allowing gel to flow around and coat the core.

QuickCore bits

High-performance premium core bits are compatible with our coring technology. Genesis™ PDC bits’ and QuickCore bits’ force-balanced technology ensures stable performance. Many bits have face-discharge features for low-invasion applications. The bits accommodate most applications and formations.

LaserCut splitable liner system

The LaserCut splitable liner system containerizes core material during coring. The system offers enhanced safety features, rig floor core handling, and one-piece liners for splitting at surface for rapid core examination.

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