Integrated Operations

Accelerate production at lower total cost

Whether your next oilfield project requires well construction expertise for re-entry to enhance production in a mature field or full-scope field development, Baker Hughes Integrated Operations offers comprehensive oilfield engineering and services packaged around a single point of contact, making it easy for you to remain focused on your project goals.

When you partner with Baker Hughes, we provide the right mix of project management, logistics, and supply chain expertise for your project. We can also manage services from subcontractors and vendors to ensure safe, efficient operations at the wellsite. Our skills and toolsets include

  • Wellsite, production, and reservoir operations
  • Reservoir engineering and geosciences consulting
  • Risk management techniques and analysis
  • Project management
  • Well engineering software and design tools
  • Commercial and contractual awareness
  • Oilfield best practices

Our project management systems integrate engineering along with operational- or knowledge-based tools to continuously improve all processes and capture all data with the greatest level of integrity. Our skills and experience in integrated project management, exploration, drilling, completions, stimulation, production, and rejuvenation, provide many choices in how we may assist you.

You may use the Integrated Operations team to manage turnkey projects or to simply bundle services and studies. Regardless of our level of engagement, you retain overall control and ownership of reserves and production commercialization rights. 

We’ve expanded our global reach into key markets around the world, including Latin America, North Africa, the Middle East, Russia, Asia Pacific, Algeria, and Brazil. We’ve developed a knowledge base in many challenging applications that include high-pressure/high-temperature wells, gas storage projects, innovative resource utilization, and remote well management—and we work collaboratively with your team to pass this expertise on to your next-generation of workers.

Complex projects require access to reliable, cost-effective technology and engineering expertise. Our comprehensive portfolio of oilfield services will help simplify your next integrated operation.


Contact Integrated Operations

Regional IO contacts are available to help.


Integrated Services

Our single point of contact for well construction, well intervention, and production optimization enhances well execution to boost operational efficiency and maximize production.


IO Field Development

From the reservoir to the refinery, we identify the proper technologies and applications to improve field development and execution over the life of your well.



Our flexible, multiservice approach delivers the right products and services for project coordination, management of in-house and third-party services, and material procurement.