Specialty Chemicals

Increase operational efficiency with specialty chemicals

Our innovative chemical services and technology—with greater product reliability—will help you to increase your production.

Our solutions include Baker Hughes MAGNACIDE™ H herbicide additives for customized weed control programs to help water providers protect their crops and increase production.

Our world-class Baker Hughes specialty low-molecular weight polymers deliver targeted solutions to meet your performance and profit goals in industries such as personal care, candles, adhesives, imaging and coatings, and plastics.

For more information about customized crop protection programs or polymers solutions to fit your needs, please contact us.



Our agricultural crop protection chemicals increase irrigation efficiency by controlling submersed aquatic weeds and algae in flowing and impounded irrigation systems.


Specialty Polymers

Our specialty polymers deliver solutions to five key markets: plastics, imaging and coatings, personal care, adhesives, and candles.