Pressure Pumping

Increase asset value with reliable performance and proven technology

Baker Hughes pressure pumping services increases access to proven reserves, improving asset value and ROI. We’re the pressure pumping experts with the reliable resources and guidance.

During the well life, the Baker Hughes Set for Life™ service ensures zonal isolation of the critical producing zones while protecting precious groundwater. After cementing, you can count on superior well integrity, which is critical for asset and environmental protection.

Our hydraulic fracturing services and technologies tackle your stimulation challenges in reservoirs as deep as 30,000 ft [9,144 m], at water depths to 7,000 feet [2,134 m], and in HP/HT jobs exceeding 400 deg. F [204 deg. C]. We know how to reduce by 30% the number of pumps required for a frac job to decrease the cost and footprint for this complex service while increasing proven reserves. 

We’re the only service company you can call on that has fracturing services and production chemicals in our portfolio. The Baker Hughes StimPlus™ service places long-term production chemicals in the proppant pack during fracing, eliminating production interruption and well intervention. Using this better solution, we reduce OPEX while improving production levels for several years before additional production chemicals are required.

We’ve integrated coiled-tubing services with downhole tool technology to perform multistage stimulation treatments for rapid ROI while minimizing wellsite footprint and reducing environmental impact.


Hydraulic Fracturing

We look at every fracturing job from several directions, combining proppants, fluids, and pumping technology with a formal workflow and better knowledge management systems.


Cementing Services

Optimized cement systems and automated mixing equipment enable safer slurries that match well conditions with minimized rig time. Ensure well integrity and proper zonal isolation.


Acidizing Services

We have a variety of acid systems, delivery processes, and expertise to suit your well’s technical and economic requirements, all to increase productivity.


Offshore Stimulation Services

Lower nonproductive time, rig time, and risk with efficient, innovative, and reliable offshore stimulation equipment, customized products and services, and expertise.

Fluid Additives

Our fluid additives solve numerous problems in a wide range of applications in the hydrocarbon production and processing industries, particularly in drilling and well stimulation.

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