Bifuel Fracturing Services

Reduce your frac operation's environmental footprint using bifuel pumps powered with clean-burning natural gas

Baker Hughes Bifuel fracturing services reduce a frac operation’s environmental footprint by replacing up to 70% of the diesel used to generate hydraulic horsepower (HHP) with cleaner-burning natural gas. Using specialized Rhino™ Bifuel pumps, our stimulation teams can help reduce air emissions and lower HSE risks with no loss in HHP or any compromise to frac performance.

Additional benefits include increased operational efficiency by permitting longer, uninterrupted pumping times and lower wellsite personnel risks from fewer refueling operations.

Operating on a diesel and gas blend, or on 100% diesel when needed, Baker Hughes Rhino Bifuel pumps ensure wellsite efficiency and optimal reservoir stimulation by extending run times and delivering the same HHP and fracturing performance as conventional diesel-powered fracturing pumps. These bifuel operations are sometimes also referred to as dual-fuel fracturing. Baker Hughes Rhino Bifuel pumps have been able to achieve a 70/30 natural gas-to-diesel blend in field operations without any loss in HHP. In an optimal deployment, the service uses readily available field or line gas to reduce fuel transportation logistics as well as the related costs and risks.

Meet all EPA regulatory requirements and emissions standards. Bifuel services can lower a frac operation’s environmental footprint by reducing multiple emissions, including nitrogen oxides (NOx), carbon monoxide, and particulate matter. The use of a Bifuel fleet is crucial to ensuring that fracturing operations meet all U.S. Environmental Protection Agency emissions standards and comply with Tier 2 regulations for NOx and nonmethane hydrocarbon (NMHC) emissions. 

Eliminate wasteful flaring activities designed to burn off excess natural gas. In areas with limited infrastructure where gas must be flared, the excess gas can be diverted to storage tanks for reuse. When it’s needed, our Rhino Bifuel pumps can use that gas for fracturing operations. The Baker Hughes Bifuel service takes an economic problem that costs operators money and turns it into an asset that saves money.

Don’t stop nonstop fracturing programs to refuel. Multistage fracturing systems can accelerate ROI with quick, continuous pumping operations that eliminate rig-up and rig-down between stages. With diesel-fueled pumps, nonstop fracturing programs must stop to let the pump engines cool down before adding more fuel. The only other option is risky “hot-fueling,” in which fuel is added to the pump while it is still in operation. With the Baker Hughes Bifuel service, continuous operations stay continuous. The natural gas flowing into the bifuel pumps is delivered through a closed system that eliminates spill risks and multiple refueling operations. And since less fuel is needed to keep operations up and running, operators get extended run times and an improved bottom line.

Lower HSE risks at the wellsite and beyond. No matter what is done to minimize risks, onsite fueling and refueling is always dangerous. Baker Hughes Bifuel services use a closed system to deliver natural gas to our Rhino Bifuel pumps—eliminating the inherent risks and fire dangers associated with multiple refueling operations. The bifuel pumps’ lower diesel requirements also reduce fuel transportation costs and the hazards resulting from large trucks traveling long hours to remote locations.

And, to further minimize wellsite risks, Baker Hughes personnel ensure that an odorizing agent is added to all field or line gas prior to operation. 


  • Land-based fracturing operations in conventional and unconventional reservoirs
  • Environmentally sensitive operations

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