Fracturing Fluid Systems and Proppant Technology

Maximize production with clean, efficient fracturing fluids and dependable, high-flow proppant packs.

From high-shear resistant gels and high-regain permeability breaker technology to strong, high-flow proppant technology, each and every Baker Hughes hydraulic fracturing fluid is designed to meet specific reservoir needs and engineered to meet key operational requirements

We look at every fracturing job from a holistic point of view—matching fluids and proppants to the optimal pumping scheme to maximize operational efficiency without sacrificing hydrocarbon flow. Our goal: deliver a safe, effective fracture network and only leave behind the minimum material needed to keep it open for production.

Our superior fracturing fluids range from proven guar-based fluids to high-performance slickwater systems and high-molecular-weight polymer systems designed to maximize recovery. We also offer a suite of customized fluids designed for use with produced water or other high-TDS fluids. And, based on your reservoir conditions, we can even design and pump a customized fracturing fluid that incorporates proactive flow assurance using our proven StimPlus service.

In an effort to minimize the environmental impact of each fracturing operation, we evaluate each frac fluid’s chemical components against our SmartCare services’ 14-point checklist of environmental, toxicological, and physical categories. This standardized evaluation process identifies any potential product hazards for enhanced regulatory compliance and help ensure underground source drinking water remains safe during the well life.

Our LiteProp™ ultra-lightweight proppants deliver improved transport properties to minimize residual proppant pack damage—offering greater effective frac length with maximum producing- zone conductivity.


ClearStar Fracturing Fluid System

ClearStar frac fluids use a high-molecular-weight polymer to improve reservoir performance, maximize recovery, minimize formation damage, simplify cleanup, and boost conductivity.


HydroCare Slickwater Fracturing System

This is an environmentally preferred slickwater system. Compatible products work together as a suite to maximize well stimulation impact without sacrificing performance.


VaporFrac Fracturing Fluid

Besides increased production, you’ll achieve a decreased decline rate with an increased reserve replacement rate.


LiteProp Ultralightweight Proppants

The improved transport properties in low- or no-polymer frac-fluid systems offer greater effective frac length with maximum producing-zone conductivity.


BrineCare Fracturing Fluid Systems

BrineCare™ systems are simple, easy-to-deploy fracturing fluids specifically engineered to ensure reliable performance with produced water across a specific range of TDS and water temperatures.


PrimeStar Frac Pack Fluid System

The PrimeStar™ system reduces hydraulic horsepower (HHP) requirements and offers improved compatibility with reservoir fluids and minerals.


REAL Connect Service

The Baker Hughes REAL Connect™ service leverages state-of-the-art diverter systems to redirect your frac fluid flow to the perforation clusters and reservoir sections where it is needed for maximum...


Ascent High-Side Fracturing Services

With the Ascent™ high-side fracturing service, Baker Hughes applies advanced modelling, specialized pumping techniques and leverages strong, ultra-lightweight proppant technologies to create and ma...

StimPlus Service

We combine hydraulic fracturing/production chemistry to maximize post-frac production and minimize post-frac intervention cost from scale, organic deposition, bacteria, corrosion.

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