Electrical Submersible Pumping Systems

Maximize production performance with integrated ESP solutions

We are the market-leading ESP production solutions provider for a wide range of oilfield and industrial applications. Our combination of superior equipment and services allow you to lower life-cycle costs through delivery of highly efficient systems with extended reliability.

We're the only artificial lift company that manufactures all major components of electrical submersible pumping systems. This is one way we ensure consistent quality in every ESP system we sell. This also gives you a single point of contact for effective management of ESP operations. We eliminate the compatibility issues that can occur in competing systems because we make, install, and maintain our pumps, seals, motors, sensors, cable, and surface equipment.

Maximize recoverable reserves, mitigate risk from challenging applications

Our Centrilift XP™ Xtreme Performance ESP systems offer you the highest level of reliability in the harshest downhole conditions. The many technological innovations we build into XP systems ensure extended run life in critical wells where intervention costs and lost production can dramatically reduce your revenue.

Reduce OPEX and minimize down time

Our Centrilift SP™ Superior Performance ESP systems balance production gains with your total cost of ownership. The SP series leverages decades of ESP technology development and experience for the industry’s most robust, reliable ESP for a broad range of applications.

Our superior service capability is the most widely developed in the industry. Call us when you need a local expert familiar with applications in your area.


Xtreme Performance Series ESP System

Optimize production and maximize uptime in challenging electrical submersible pump applications. We offer you the best artificial lift solutions for challenging well conditions.


Superior Performance Series ESP System

With high mean time between failures, our systems increase cash flow per well. We optimize production for thousands of wells around the world in a broad range of applications.


FLEXPump Series Electrical Submersible Pumps

Centrilift FLEXPump series pumps are designed to maximize production and ultimate reserve recovery from conventional oilfields, mature oilfields, and unconventional resource plays.


CENesis Curve Tight-Radius System

CENesis Curve™ tight-radius production system is designed to pass through a 15° per 100 ft bend section in deviated and horizontal wells to get closer to the producing zone.


450SP and 450XP Series ESP Motors

Backed by industry experience, 450SP and 450XP series motors increase reliability in electrical submersible pumping (ESP) systems operating in harsh conditions around the world.


450SP and 450XP Series Potheads for ESP Systems

Developed at the Artificial Lift Research and Technology Center (ALRTC), the 450SP and 450XP series potheads increase reliability for electrical connections in ESP systems.


CENesis Slim Line ESP System

The CENesis™ slim line ESP system from Baker Hughes overcomes both the limitations of small diameter wells and the production challenges unique to unconventional plays.


CENetic Fluid Pumping Systems

CENetic™ fluid pumping systems are designed to fit in smaller diameter wells, dramatically reducing well construction costs without sacrificing production.


CENesis PHASE Multiphase Encapsulated Production Solution

The CENesis PHASE™ multiphase encapsulated production solution stabilizes production and eliminates down time by encasing the entire ESP system in a shroud to naturally separate gas slugs before th...

WellLink Vision

Our downhole sensors and variable speed drives, combined with our monitoring services, give you greater control over your artificial lift system.

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