CENesis Slim Line ESP System

Improve production and reliability in small diameter wellbores

In unconventional resource plays, operators sometimes drill smaller diameter wells to lower drilling costs and improve wellbore stability. However, smaller wellbores limit artificial lift options during the production phase. The CENesis™ slim line electrical submersible pumping system (ESP) from Baker Hughes eliminates this limitation.

Industry’s widest flow range for small diameter ESP systems

The innovative system design features improve production rates while increasing system reliability. The CENesis system is the only slim line ESP available today with a mixed-flow pump stage design. This allows the system to operate effectively from 800 to 20 barrels of fluid per day—the industry’s widest operating range for a small diameter ESP system. The pump’s 5,800 psi pressure rating allows the system to sit deeper in the well to draw down reservoir pressure and improve ultimate reserve recovery.

Greater reliability reduces down time and costly interventions

The FLEXPump mixed-flow stage design and upgrades to the motor provide significant reliability improvements to the CENesis system. Wider vane openings in the pump improve natural gas handling and prevent pump plugging when solids are present in the fluid. A redesigned motor head minimizes reliability issues during installation and improvements in the motor insulation provide 30% greater mechanical and electrical strength.

FLEXPump Series Electrical Submersible Pumps

Centrilift FLEXPump series pumps are designed to maximize production and ultimate reserve recovery from conventional oilfields, mature oilfields, and unconventional resource plays.

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