Superior Performance Series Submersible ESP Motors

Extend ESP system run life and reliability in smaller casing sizes

The Centrilift SP™ Superior Performance series submersible motors from Baker Hughes improve electrical submersible pumping (ESP) system reliability through a series of enhancements developed, designed, and tested by Baker Hughes engineers to provide higher horsepower in smaller casing sizes for a variety of operating conditions.

The motor manufacturing process begins with the production and insulation of the magnet wire. Every foot of wire is tested during manufacturing at voltages higher than industry standards to identify and eliminate defects. The proprietary motor winding process then takes place in a clean-room environment. After winding, the wire is repeatedly monitored for shorts, faults, or potential damage that may have occurred during the winding process.

The rotor’s all-steel, closed-slot stator design optimizes motor performance and achieves up to 15% increased horsepower in same-size motors. With the rotor’s redesign, the improved insulation system offers one of the industry’s highest insulation ratings to maximize run life, enhance motor cooling, and minimize vibration.

The plug-in motor lead extension (MLE) offers easier field installation, reducing rig time. Since the MLE is prepared in our clean-room environment during manufacturing, potential environmental contamination is minimized.

Proprietary epoxy encapsulation ensures superior protection with isolation of the motor windings and provides operators more than 2 years of increased insulation life over traditional solutions. Epoxy encapsulation extends run life by improving heat transfer throughout the stator, eliminating wire vibration and uneven heat transfer often associated with traditional motor windings. No varnish or oil can equal the heat transfer characteristics of the epoxy.

A patented, non-magnetic, anti-rotation bearing with T-ring provides for straightforward assembly and eliminates rotation during startup and thermal cycling. The bearings deliver radial support and maximize oil flow for increased run life.

Baker Hughes SP series motors are available in three frame sizes – 375, 450, and 562 – ranging from 10 to 800 hp. (Higher horsepower ratings are available in XP™ series motors.) This expands the application range for a given casing size and allows operators to maximize production.


  • Conventional oil
  • Unconventional oil

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