Ultra Temperature ESP System

Increase production with ESP solution for steam-enhanced recovery

Baker Hughes Ultra Temperature (UT) ESP system increases production in applications with fluid temperature up to 482 deg. F [250 deg. C]. The artificial lift system also extends run life and reduces CAPEX. The industry’s first reliable ESP system to be rated in fluid temperature up to 482 deg. F [250 deg. C] is being applied in steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) wells in oil sands reservoirs. Typically, a SAGD well pair is steamed for 6 to 18 months with an initial production period involving gas lift.

Improve SAGD well production up to 50 percent

By injecting steam resulting in producer well temperature greater than 428 deg. F [220 deg. C], the steam chamber size increases to improve recoverable reserves. At higher temperature, the bitumen becomes more miscible, increasing the well-pair productivity. Our projections show up to 50% incremental SAGD well production can be realized by increasing the fluid temperature to 482 deg. F [250 deg. C].

Save up to $10 million in CAPEX

With the UT system, you can avoid a workover by skipping the gas lift phase and going directly to the higher ESP production rate. Our UT system allows steam to be injected in the producer and injector wells, saving up to $10 million in CAPEX per pad with a simpler, consolidated layout

3,400+ run life days and counting

As of February 2011, we had installed 20 UT systems, which had recorded more than 3,400 days of cumulative run life without failure. The first installation was in April 2010. The Centrilift CENtigradeTM product line also includes the extreme-temperature (ET) ESP system for wells up to 428 deg. F [220 deg. C] and the high-temperature (HT) system for wells up to 320 deg. F [160 deg. C].


You can rely on us for the application expertise and superior service that is optimizing reservoir recovery in the country’s oil and gas basins.

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