Horizontal Surface Pumping Systems

Increase uptime with rugged surface fluid-transfer equipment

Our reliable, proven Centrilift HPump™ surface pumping systems (SPS) offer longer run life and lower maintenance costs compared with other surface pumping systems. Our technology will keep your production plans on schedule.

Based on our oilfield-rugged Centrilift ESP design, these systems out produce less powerful pump types. This energy-efficient technology is your best choice for any job involving fluid transfer, fluid injection, and pressure boosting.

Extend run life with simple design, rugged construction

The system core is a multistage centrifugal pump, a thrust chamber, and a conventional surface motor mounted to a sturdy skid. Our customers have reported 65% to 88% maintenance cost reductions with this simple design.

The system's simplicity also speeds up manufacturing. Once you place an order, our short lead time means you'll receive your HPump sooner than those from our competitors.

The rugged design is especially suited for installation in an unsheltered, unforgiving environment. It can handle hot and cold conditions, hot fluid temperatures, and solids up to 100 ppm.

Environmentally sensitive

The mechanical seal between system components reduces the chance for fluid leaks. This makes it easier for you to specify an HPump system for urban areas and other environmentally sensitive locations where emissions may be a problem.

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