Well Monitoring Services

Increase productivity with lower operating expenses

Take the guesswork out of your well operations. Our reliable, permanently installed electronic and fiber-optic systems improve production management so you can optimize reservoir performance.

Real-time well monitoring offers you pressure, temperature, flow, fluid density, and wellbore stress data. These data enable a better understanding of well behavior while minimizing your operational and HSE risk and overhead.

Our solid product portfolio improves operational efficiency through the permanent deployment of time-tested and reliable tools. Our service commitment to you begins from the conception of tool design and extends to data analysis support.


Our well-monitoring accessories—such as splices, tubing encapsulated cable (TEC), and clamps—are easier and faster to install, are designed to prevent damage during run-in, and affords you more reliable data over a longer lifetime.

Electronic systems

A reliable and industry-trusted technology offers real-time well information, such as pressure and temperature. Design innovation ensures better return on investment through better reliability and longer operational lifetime with higher-quality data.  

Fiber-optic systems

These systems deliver well- and reservoir-performance data when well conditions challenge the physical capabilities of electronic systems. Our fiber-optic tools offer an alternative method of measuring pressure, temperature, flow, and wellbore/reservoir stresses.

Flow measurement systems

These systems ensure a better understanding of reservoir performance with accurate well data throughout the life cycle.


Flow Measurement Systems

Our flow measurement systems offer you the production data to eliminate the risk associated with not knowing what’s going on with your well.


StageWatch Fracture Analysis Services

The Baker Hughes StageWatch™ fracture analysis services collect reservoir data for future well planning, effective refracturing strategies, and a better understanding of the reservoir.

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