Flow Assurance Services

Keep production and profits flowing

Our flow-assurance services offer uninterrupted production in any environment. Whether in deepwater, shelf, onshore, or Arctic, our products and services keep production and customer profits flowing.

From deepwater-CAPEX development projects to mature production operations, we’ll help you understand and manage the flow challenges you face. Avoid startup production delays and costly repairs and prevent production shut-ins for the producing asset’s life.

Our flow-assurance services include

  • collaborative focus and pre-FEED services for CAPEX projects
  • FATHOM™ XT subsea certified chemicals to help you produce reliably, safely and effectively
  • mineral-scale prevention and remediation to protect equipment and maximize production
  • paraffin and asphaltene remediation and deposit prevention to keep production flowing
  • comprehensive hydrate control to prevent natural gas pipeline plugs and protect the system
  • cold-weather flow assurance programs to keep operations safely flowing when temperatures plunge.

HI-M-PACT Hydrate Control

Our HI-M-PACT™ low-dose hydrate inhibitors (LDHI) and supporting modeling, design, and technical services keep pipelines free of icy blockages.


Asphaltene, Paraffin Control, PPDs

We remove and prevent paraffin and asphaltene deposits. Our pour point depressants stop pipeline blockages during shut-ins and in seafloor crude oil transport.


Deepwater Subsea-Qualified Chemicals

Our FATHOM™ XT certification process ensures chemical cleanliness and system compatibility standards are met for offshore operating conditions.


Mineral Scale Control Services

Our mineral scale control services cost-effectively prevent and remove scale buildup with a comprehensive and interactive approach.


Iron Sulfide Control Programs

We offer a complete set of solutions to prevent, control, or remove iron sulfide in your production and injection equipment.

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