Microbial Control Programs

Improve production, safely enhance asset integrity management

Control microbial-influenced corrosion (MIC) safely and effectively with our registered biocides and nonbiocidal additives, and mitigate operational risk. Baker Hughes offers customized biocide solutions to help you monitor and control MIC and extend the life of production assets. We identify the type of microbes in your production system, the level of contamination, and help you develop a detailed treatment plan to curtail the microbial activity.

Being proactive and staying ahead of oilfield microbial activity can

  • increase your production uptime
  • prevent injector plugging
  • lower your HSE risks

Microbial proliferation restricts production, leading to corrosion-related asset failures and raises concerns for potential environmental and personnel safety. Hydrogen sulfide, the metabolic byproduct from certain pervasive bacteria types, also can pose a serious health and safety risk to workers on the jobsite and to nearby communities. Baker Hughes can help you take control of microbes whether in fracturing, chemical injection, or production operations.

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