Reservoir Services

Maximizing reservoir performance, production, and profits

Success in the oil and gas industry today is measured by performance, production, and profits. As margins continue to tighten, it is critical to understand the factors that limit recovery and how to overcome them economically.

Baker Hughes Reservoir Development Services (RDS) maximizes profitability for E&P operators by providing the expertise to improve reservoir understanding, engineer value-added solutions, and efficiently manage a field.

RDS experts help you improve investment decisions by combining the science and software to forecast reservoir performance and by prescribing efficient methods to generate the highest rates of return. They integrate innovative solutions that eliminate unnecessary cost and accelerate production by linking development planning and technology selection to the reservoir. And, when operational resources are limited, they partner with you to manage your assets and maximize return on investment by providing full-field development and management services that ensure effective and consistent work quality across multiple projects and personnel.

While advanced technology plays a critical role in improving the way you find, produce, and manage hydrocarbons, it also takes a great deal of technical ingenuity. Baker Hughes RDS provides the insight you need to understand the complex nature of your reservoir, determine efficient methods to capture its full potential, and enhance ultimate recovery.

To maximize reservoir performance, production, and profits contact your local RDS representative today.


Reservoir Consulting

Our consultants combine years of experience in all traditional well and subsurface disciplines. They build on a solid reservoir understanding to engineer application-specific solutions that maximize profitable recovery.


Reservoir Software

Manage the most complex reservoir modeling, geomechanics, and hydraulic fracturing simulation tasks. Now, you can improve project performance with optimally integrated workflows.


Remote Operations Services

Expedite data access, monitor performance, enable remote operations, and collaborate in real time for faster, intelligent business decisions.


Geoscience Services

Our experts provide accurate subsurface interpretation to increase your understanding of reserves potential and accessibility, optimize well placement, improve completion designs, and keep production flowing.


Field Management Services

By partnering with Baker Hughes, you leverage the experience, expertise, and technologies necessary to optimize field development and reservoir management.


Microseismic Services

Magnitude offers complete microseismic monitoring solutions that address industry challenges including hydraulic fracturing, gas storage, and wastewater disposal.

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