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Improve project performance with powerful software workflows from subsurface to wellhead

Baker Hughes reservoir software suites manage the most complex reservoir modeling, geomechanics, and hydraulic fracturing simulation tasks. Now, you can improve project performance with optimally integrated workflows. Our software suite is based on an extensible, customizable platform.

Create complex geologic models in days instead of weeks using JewelSuite™ integrated reservoir modeling software. Efficiently integrate microseismic data and hydraulic fracturing and reservoir simulations into a single workflow. Move from 2D maps to 3D models for enhanced understanding of your shale gas plays. Easy, fast, accurate.

Our superior geomechanics software, which has enabled hundreds of successful project recommendations during the past decade, uses smart algorithms to predict stress and pore pressure for minimizing drilling risk. Create detailed 3D geomechanics models and combine them with reservoir models to optimize your field development plan.

Applying our hydraulic fracturing software, developed during the past 30 years, you can model the optimal fracture design to increase production. The Baker Hughes MShale™ discrete fracture network simulator predicts fracture propagation and extent in unconventional reservoirs and determines the stimulated reservoir volume.

Our JewelEarth™ development platform is an easy-to-use plug-in environment based on the Microsoft™ .NET framework. Add your proprietary technology, implement your own smart algorithms, and design your company’s standard workflows.

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JewelSuite Subsurface Modeling

Quickly build and update complex reservoir models accurately. With our geomechanic and hydraulic fracturing software, we build targeted workflows for unconventional plays.



Understanding how geomechanics affect the entire reservoir life cycle enables you to make the best decisions.


Hydraulic Fracturing

Receive real-time 3D fracture geometry, including data on acid fracturing, wellbore heat transfer, proppant transport, and perforation erosion.


JewelEarth Development Platform

This easy-to-use programming environment, based on the Microsoft™.NET framework, is seamlessly integrated into JewelSuite™ reservoir modeling software.


JewelSuite GeoMechanics

JewelSuite™ GeoMechanics software is composed of powerful well-centric and reservoir-centric applications for geomechanical modeling and wellbore stability analysis.


Software Training and Support

At Baker Hughes, we are committed to ensuring that you get the highest level of technical support and training from your software investment.


JewelSuite Software Add-ins

Build your own plug-ins using the JewelEarth™ platform. Or, you can use the add-ins we developed with our industry partners.


Completion ArchiTEX 3D Completion Design Software

The Completion ArchiTEX™ 3D completion design software helps our engineers de-risk complex design by delivering enhanced models of the well trajectory, casing, tubing, and completion sub-assemblies.

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JewelSuite Unconventional Workflow

Improve unconventional reservoir understanding with integrated 3D models. Simulate flow using local grid refinement around wells and fractures, optimizing field development plans.

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