Hydraulic Fracturing

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When you’re working with deep oil and gas reservoirs with low porosity or permeability, the frac job must be faultless. Using superior software allows you to get the complete picture. We have a complete suite of software tools for detailed history matching and fracture optimization studies. Receive real-time 3D fracture geometry, including data on acid fracturing, wellbore heat transfer, proppant transport, and perforation erosion.


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MFrac Design and Evaluation Simulator

The fully coupled proppant transport and heat transfer routines enable you to use the application for fracture design and treatment analysis.


MView Data Management Application

Share real-time data or replay the dataset with four of our other hydraulic fracturing applications.


MShale DFN Simulator

Predict fracture propagation and extent in fractured and naturally fractured reservoirs.


MPwri Simulator

This application was specifically designed for evaluating the effects of injecting large volumes of fluid over long periods of time with fracture efficiencies approaching zero.


MWell Wellbore Hydraulics Simulator

Calculate surface and/or bottomhole pressures, gravitational head, restrictions, transport times, and hydraulic power requirements in the wellbore.


MFast Fracturing Simulator

The methodology used in the simulator is comparable to a lumped analogy: The simulator uses constant coefficients derived from our design and evaluation simulator.


MProd Production Simulator

Our single-phase production simulator assesses the production for a variety of treatment scenarios using a comparison with unfractured wells.


MNpv NPV and ROI Application

This application forecasts fractured well NPV and ROI for maximizing well profitability.


MinFrac Design and Analysis Application

The application examines rate/pressure data during/after injection, including pump-in/shut-in test stress determination, step-rate interpretation, and pressure decline analysis.


Mfrac Download

Mfrac Download

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