MinFrac Design and Analysis Application

Examine rate and pressure data during and after injection

Our MinFrac™ design and analysis application for minifrac treatments examines rate and pressure data during and after injection. This includes pump-in/shut-in tests for stress determination, step-rate interpretation, and conventional or unconventional pressure decline analysis.

The MinFrac application calculates closure pressure, fracture efficiency, individual fracture geometry, leakoff coefficients, and near-wellbore effects.

The MinFrac application, just as our MFrac™ design and evaluation simulator, also can communicate dynamically in real time with our MView™ hydraulic fracturing and minifrac analysis application for data sharing. This functionality allows real-time data interpretation, eliminating the requirement to suspend data acquisition during analysis.

During real-time or replay analyses, the MinFrac application receives the simulation input data from the MView application.

The data sent to the MinFrac application includes the pump rate and bottomhole and/or surface pressures versus time. This real-time data is used to determine the instantaneous shut-in pressure, closure pressure, fracture efficiency, leakoff coefficients, and near-wellbore pressure loss.


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