JewelSuite 3D GeoMechanics Software

Predict full-field, 3D geomechanical behavior of your reservoir

Baker Hughes JewelSuite™ 3D GeoMechanics software allows you to minimize risk and enhance reserves by simulating the complex geomechanical behavior of your reservoir. The full-field, 3D finite-element geomechanics software will improve your understanding of the entire reservoir. This allows you to make well-informed decisions to develop your assets.

Bridge the gap between geomodeling and geomechanical simulation

At the heart of the software is the ability to seamlessly link our JewelSuite reservoir modeling software with the industry’s leading finite-element mechanical simulator, Dassault Systèmes’ Abaqus™ software. This provides high-performance numerical simulations that can rapidly perform parametric studies to capture uncertainties in your model input parameters. The integrated JewelSuite and Abaqus software package offers an end-to-end workflow that is supported by a single model container, a new and customizable modeling platform, and functioning, lean connections with advanced and legacy systems. The software combination provides a simple, straightforward setup that allows you to execute complex geomechanical simulations faster.

With the JewelSuite 3D GeoMechanics workflow, you can quickly create full-field, 3D geomechanics simulations for complex structural and geological settings. You can effortlessly integrate your cross-disciplinary data sets in a single platform, efficiently build your models, and post-process your results using all of your context information. This allows you to minimize risk and improve reserves.

Integrate your reservoir models using a single unified container

The seamless connectivity between JewelSuite software and Abaqus provides you with the modeling capabilities of both powerful applications without the worry of potential compatibility problems. The JewelSuite software will take care of comprehensive pre- and post-processing, as well as simulator job management. Furthermore, JewelSuite software can easily connect to industry-leading reservoir fluid flow simulators, such as CMG’s IMEX™ and GEM™, for coupled flow and geomechanics simulations.

JewelSuite 3D GeoMechanics software uses powerful 3D gridding and meshing technology to create realistic and accurate representations of your reservoir. Easy access to sophisticated yet user-friendly tools lets you create a meaningful watertight mesh and perform consistent upscaling. You can easily achieve sufficient resolution in your areas of interest, while limiting the size of your numerical problem. With our reservoir modeling software, you can model your complex reservoir accurately from overburden to basement, allowing you to address your more challenging problems and determine greater opportunities in your assets.

Predict Full-Field 3D Geomechanical Behavior of Petroleum Reservoirs

With JewelSuite™ 3D GeoMechanics software, you can accurately simulate full-field geomechanical behavior over the life of your field. JewelSuite links seamlessly with the Abaqus™ finite element mechanical simulator by Dassault Systèmes SIMULIA. This gives you a single, consistent application for subsurface modeling so you can get a clear picture of geological and structural complexity and make reliable predictions about field behavior. This free, one-hour webinar by Dassault Systèmes SIMULIA introduces JewelSuite™ 3D GeoMechanics and using them with Abaqus™ to simplify and speed up the analysis of reservoir geomechanics.

Abaqus is a trademark of Dassault Systèmes
GEM is a trademark of Computer Modeling Group Ltd.

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