Tubular Services

Save time and money using specialized tubular technology

Baker Hughes Tubular Services offers unsurpassed reliability and the industry’s best value in a full range of specialized tubular running applications. These include casing and tubing running, hammer services, and completion assembly services. You can count on us to be there when and where you need us.

Specialized equipment for casing and tubing running includes the Baker Hughes Derrickman™ stabberless system, casing running tools (CRT), Baker Hughes Leadhand™ tong positioning systems, fill-and-circulate tools, pickup and laydown systems, and flush-mounted spiders.

A specialized sand-screen completion running system ensures sand screens are run in your well in optimum condition with nothing to restrict production flow.

The field-proven Baker Hughes ChromeMaster™ chrome-running system for tongs and handling tools is a fully integrated package that enables handling and makeup of chrome tubulars without damage or performance problems.

The Baker Hughes Salvo™ torque-turn system minimizes cost by ensuring correct torque and immediately detects faulty connections.

Our completion assembly services teams offer around-the-clock support, multiple torque stations, and superior equipment for full torquing and testing of all API, premium, and conductor connections of any size.

We’ve applied the Baker Hughes Services Hydrohammer™ system successfully in a wide variety of piling operations onshore and offshore, including underwater. Rely on the Hydrohammer system to satisfy your most rigorous demands for reliability and precision control.

The Baker Hughes Rigless Intervention System (RIS) is ideal for abandonments, conductor preinstallations, workovers, and other subsea intervention tasks. The RIS unit can save you as much as 1.25 days per well compared with conventional abandonments.

Competence Management System

Baker Hughes tubular services commitment to safety and flawless execution is one of the many reasons why we’re a leading provider of casing and tubing running and hammer services around the world. With our competence and safety programs, our global staff is trained according to rigorous standards. We’re certified to ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 14001. 

Competence Assessment

All of our personnel are required to perform to our industry-recognized Competence Assurance Program standards. The Operator Career Advancement Program (O-CAP) ensures the competence of each service technician is measured against a set of exacting standards. Promotional advancement is determined by each technician’s safety awareness, operational capability, and attitude.

Like the O-CAP program, the Supervisor Career Advancement Program (S-CAP) also uses clear performance and assessment standards. The program comprises hands-on training, detailed knowledge testing, and thorough assessment.

Safety program

Our rigorous HSE&S system standards include a STOP program that ensures every employee is fully aware of his or her right and duty to stop an unsafe job and risk management/assessments for our equipment.

We also emphasize behavioral-based training, near-miss reporting, accident /incident reporting and investigation, and hazard identification. Control of substances hazardous to health (COSHH) training also is included.

Our Operations and Hazard Identification Procedures Manual also ensures safer work. We take a root cause approach to safety with our Leadhand II and Leadhand V tong positioning systems. These systems include a single-person tong operation that reduces the number of rig-floor personnel.


Casing and Tubing Running Services

When you need expert handling of exotic chrome tubulars, for any job from the simplest to the most challenging, we have the answer that minimizes rig time.


Completion Assembly Services

Reduce completion failure risk. Our expertise and technical skills satisfy the most demanding torquing, testing, and inspection of OCTGs and completion subassembly work.


Hammer Services

This is the efficient solution without energy loss for any large-diameter tubular driving job, such as conductor driving, caisson installation, and pile driving.


Rigless Intervention System

Reduce cost by eliminating the need for a rig. When performing conductor preinstalls, you can save as much as 20 days of rig time on a 12-slot platform.

Artificial Lift

Our ESPs and PCPs are the best performing and most reliable artificial lift solutions for a wide range of oilfield and industrial applications.

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